Cherry Communications is a proven source for cost-effective polling. Our usual polling clients are a campaign, committee, consultant or organization that is capable of drafting an outline of the poll questionnaire. We then finalize the questionnaire, work with the client on an appropriate sample, conduct phone interviews, and provide any needed frequencies and cross tabulations. We also conduct phone interviews for a number of pollsters who do not have a call center themselves, or need additional phoning capacity. 

We maintain that live voice phone surveys and polls are still the best way to gather the information you want with the precision you need. From long branching surveys to quick daily polls and everything in between, let our flexible staff of articulate, accent neutral surveyors get you the accurate data you need. Our goal is to help you get accurate, reliable research so you can make informed decisions, and to provide the results to you in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

Our polling and surveying services include:

  • Benchmark polls
  • Brushfire polls
  • Tracking polls


Voter Contact

We understand that the only personal contact many voters may have with your campaign or organization is through our phone calls. As ambassadors of your campaign, we strive to provide only the most articulate and accent neutral voices to carry your message. Our vigilant training, supervision, and monitoring ensure our agents represent you in the best possible manner. 

Cherry Communications is led by political professionals who understand the unrelenting exigencies of a political campaign and the need for your project to be completed in a compressed time frame. We are committed to maximizing your campaign’s opportunity for victory.

Our broad range of voter contact services include:

  • Voter identification calls
  • Advocacy calls
  • Get out the vote calls
  • Event turnout
  • Patch-though calls
  • Ballot initiatives and referendums
  • Grass roots mobilization
  • Recorded messages
  • Focus group recruitment
  • Absentee ballot calls
  • Early voting calls


Opposition Research

The need for an accurate arsenal of information is of critical importance to a campaign. Our technology and expertise allows us to delve deep to gather the information you need.

Our political and non-profit research products provide more than just snippets of information – they provide a narrative. We scour public records, web data, news publications, and other sources to get you a complete view. Besides investigating opponents and organizations, we can also examine your candidate in order to inoculate against surprises.

Our detailed and comprehensive reports include:

  • Biographical information 
  • Electoral history 
  • Friends & family 
  • Legal & criminal history 
  • Personal finance & employment
  • Campaign finance 
  • Media coverage & past statements


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